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Best TV Streaming Apps for Android & PC

Many users are increasingly interested in Android TV streaming applications. This is because using such applications, they can enjoy TV shows or sports broadcasts anywhere using only their mobile phones.

Especially after the analog TV broadcasts were stopped. For those who do not have a Set Top Box (STB), they will switch to the best online TV watching application.

In this application, you can find thousands of international TV shows, including football matches, western and Asian movies, as well as the latest Indonesian films.

To make your viewing experience more comfortable and enjoyable, we recommend free offline and online TV applications for Android 2023. Don't worry, all the applications here are legal and safe to use!

Transvision XGO

Transvision XGO is a video streaming application created by Transvision, offering satellite TV subscription services under the Trans Media company. If CNN and Trans TV Live are the free versions, this one requires payment, folks. However, its features are definitely more comprehensive.

The application offers over 42 live channels with diverse entertainment content such as Moto GP broadcasts, Korean dramas, lifestyle shows, as well as live and digital TV with HD-quality videos that can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere. Transvision XGO can also be one of the applications for watching the latest movies for free thanks to its extensive movie collection.

For Transvision Xstream customers, they can subscribe to this application for free. Just install it! The subscription fee starts from Rp249,000.

>>> Download Transvision XGO Here <<<

Xfinity Stream

The Xfinity Stream application can help you turn any screen into a TV. You can stream all types of entertainment, from live sports broadcasts, news, movies, and over thousands of other TV shows anywhere and anytime.

You can watch more than 250 live TV channels, schedule DVR recordings from any device, access thousands of shows and movies for on-demand streaming, download recordings and movie libraries to watch offline, as well as transmit broadcasts with Chromecast and supported TVs.

For those who have already subscribed to Xfinity's TV and internet services, you can access this application for free. But if you haven't subscribed yet, there is a subscription fee starting at US$85 per month. Additionally, this service is not yet available in Indonesia, so you will need to use a VPN to access it.

>>> Download Xfinity Stream Here <<<

Live Football TV: Live Scores

Are you a soccer fan looking for a one-stop solution to watch sports matches? Then APK Live Football TV: Live Scores is perfect for you as it offers a comprehensive service.

Not only can you live stream soccer matches from various countries, but you can also listen to the radio, read news and keep track of the standings of the matches.

For those who missed the live league matches, don't worry because you can easily watch the replays here. Live Football TV provides a complete and neatly arranged collection of match replays.

So with this Android TV application, you can stream, read news, and watch match replays all in one place. Interested in downloading it?

>>> Download Live Football TV: Live Scores Here <<<

Mola TV

Mola TV is perfect for those who love to watch soccer matches. This application provides the latest and live sports broadcasts online.

You can watch various programs that have already aired or have passed their airtime. In addition to soccer matches, there are also a variety of the best Hollywood movies available in this application.

>>> Download Mola TV via Google Play Store <<<

Tubi TV

For those of you who are looking for an international online TV application, there is Tubi TV which offers full HD streaming services for free and legally.

To access Tubi TV, you don't need to register with a credit card. This service uses ad subsidies so you can access it for free.

The Tubi TV application and website can also be connected to other devices such as Roku, Xbox, Chromecast, Smart TVs, Android Box, and other devices.

What's even more interesting is that besides being used for watching TV online without buffering, you can also watch various of the best Western movies for free.

>>> Download Tubi TV Here <<<

Which is the Best Online TV Application?

The best streaming application for watching TV online can be seen from the completeness of content types, image quality, network stability, and its legal or official status. Other supporting features presented can also become indicators of superiority.

Based on the recommendations that we have gathered above, UseeTV GO is currently the best application for watching TV online. Compared to other similar applications, UseeTV offers more advantages.

We chose UseeTV as our top pick because it is a one-stop streaming platform that provides various channels officially. While most other applications focus on presenting content from only one specific channel, UseeTV offers more channels.