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Top 8 Free Live Boxing Apps For Android, Download & Install Here!

Boxing is a sport that has captivated millions of fans worldwide. The adrenaline rush of seeing two fighters in the ring, exchanging blows, and showcasing their skills is unparalleled.

However, not everyone can attend live boxing events or have access to premium TV channels that broadcast the fights.

Fortunately, with the advancement of technology, you can now stream boxing matches on your mobile device, tablet, or computer, and that too, for free.

Best Free Boxing Streaming App for Android

To stream boxing matches safely and securely using an app, it's best to use a VPN. A VPN provides protection by encrypting your traffic, preventing it from being read by ISPs, and changing your IP address, making it difficult for copyright trolls to track you. This ensures that you remain anonymous while streaming online.

However, it's essential to select a VPN with care, as not all VPNs offer the necessary level of anonymity and security.

Our recommended VPN for streaming boxing matches is IPVanish, which we have been using for several years.

It's currently the best VPN available for streaming, and we strongly recommend it for its excellent security and anonymity features.

LiveNet TV

LiveNet TV is a mobile application that allows users to stream live sports events, such as boxing matches, from different countries around the world.

The app features a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate, and it can be accessed without requiring any registration or subscription fees.

LiveNet TV is designed to work on Android devices but can also be used with Amazon Fire TV Stick and Chromecast.

One of the main advantages of LiveNet TV is its wide range of channels to choose from, allowing users to select their preferred sports events or channels that they wish to watch. Additionally, you can enjoy high-quality streaming of these live events through the app.

Apart from boxing, LiveNet TV also offers live streaming for a variety of other sports including football, basketball, cricket, and many more.

>>> Download Here <<<


Mobdro is a mobile application that offers free live streaming of various sports channels, including boxing events. It is a popular app among sports enthusiasts who want to stay updated on their favorite sporting events.

The app features a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to navigate through different channels and categories.

One of the benefits of using Mobdro is its vast selection of live TV channels from various countries around the world. Additionally, users can choose from different resolutions ranging from 480p to 1080p, depending on their device's capabilities and internet speed.

Mobdro is compatible with Android devices, making it accessible to a broad audience. Moreover, the app can be downloaded on Windows PC or Mac, allowing users to watch their favorite sports channels on a larger screen.

>>> Download Here <<<

RedBox TV

RedBox TV is an exceptional application that provides access to an extensive collection of more than 1,000 satellite TV channels for watching boxing matches. The app offers both SD and HD streaming options, which are available for free.

Users highly commend the app for its excellent performance, ensuring seamless streaming of boxing matches through broadcasts from Fox Sports, Sky, and BT Sport.

To locate the sports section of the app, you can find it on the main screen or utilize the search option, which makes it convenient to find the necessary channels. When selecting a channel, users can choose up to four servers or streams, allowing flexibility in selecting the best option.

The sports category is one of the most useful sections, providing crucial information and access to almost all sports channels. Moreover, there is no need to subscribe or register an account to use the features of this application.

All that is required is an internet connection to gain free access to watch television. RedBox TV's simple interface is well-organized, providing easy access to all channels.

>>> Download Here <<<


If you are looking for a reliable app to watch boxing online, ESPN+ is an excellent choice as it offers live boxing events, including some of the most significant fights of the year. This popular sports streaming app is available for a monthly subscription fee of $5.99, and it also provides a seven-day free trial period for new users.

One of the advantages of using ESPN+ is that it offers exclusive boxing content, such as Top Rank Boxing, UFC, and more. By using this app, you can access live events and replays of past fights. This means that you can stream your favorite fights at your convenience, regardless of your location.

ESPN+ also provides high-quality streaming, making your viewing experience enjoyable, with options for both live and on-demand content.

The app is compatible with various devices, including smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and game consoles. With ESPN+, you can stay updated on the latest boxing matches and never miss any action.

>>> Download Here <<<

DAZN: Live Sports

If you are interested in watching boxing online, DAZN is a popular sports streaming service that offers live boxing events. The app provides access to some of the biggest fights of the year and other sports as well.

DAZN offers a free trial period of 30 days, allowing users to test the app's features before making any financial commitment. After the free trial period, users must subscribe to continue using the service.

With DAZN, you can watch live boxing events from your mobile device or computer, enabling you to enjoy your favorite fights at your convenience. The app provides high-quality streaming, delivering an enjoyable viewing experience for users.

Additionally, DAZN allows users to access replays of past fights, providing flexibility in their viewing preferences. This feature is especially useful for those who were unable to catch the fight live.

>>> Download Here <<<


Showtime is a premium cable and streaming service that offers live boxing events, among other sports. This app requires a subscription fee, and you can access it on your mobile device, smart TV, or computer.

Showtime offers exclusive boxing content, such as the fights of Gervonta Davis, and you can also access replays of past fights. The app offers high-quality streaming, and you can also watch other Showtime content like TV shows and movies.

>>> Download Here <<<

Swift Streamz

SwiftStreamz is a long-standing live TV streaming app that provides access to over 700 TV channels worldwide. Channels are sorted into categories like US TV, UK TV, Kids TV, and Sports TV, among others.

The sports section features numerous boxing channels that allow you to watch UFC fights at no cost. If a channel is not functioning properly, you can submit a report and even request a new one.

Additionally, you have the option to personalize the app by removing channels from countries you have no interest in watching.

>>> Download Here <<<

LaLiga Sports TV

LaLiga Sports TV is a great way to stay up-to-date on live matches, races, and highlights from the world of sports. This app offers an excellent option to watch boxing matches live online for free.

You can enjoy comprehensive coverage, exclusive reports, special interviews, and summaries of the most important sports events. The best part is that this app is completely free of charge.

>>> Download Here <<<

Watching live boxing events has become more accessible with the availability of free live streaming apps. With these apps, you can watch your favorite fighters and matches from anywhere, anytime.

Each app has its unique features and advantages, so it's best to try them out and see which one suits your preferences.

However, it's essential to ensure that you're accessing them legally and safely to avoid any unwanted consequences. With these apps, boxing fans can enjoy the excitement and thrill of watching live boxing events without leaving their homes.